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Season 1 > Episode 2 > The Generation Gap

Title: The Generation Gap
Position: Season 1 Episode 2
Air Date: 2000-06-07
Views: 4.663 times
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Pagong are growing weary of BB's bossy and domineering attitude, and as Greg and Colleen begin to get friendly, the crabby 60-something clashes with Ramoana and Joel. Meanwhile, at the Tagi camp, Stacey and Rudy's personality clashes are getting worse, but Rudy does have a fond admiration for gay islander Richard. Tagi works as a team and prevails in the second Immunity Challenge, where they must eat live bugs, mostly due to Stacey, who competed with Gervase in a tiebreaker round. BB's fate was sealed when he used the tribe's only supply of clean water to wash his clothes, and when it came to Tribal Council, BB Anderson was voted off of the island. The tribe has spoken. Stream all the latest Survivor episodes only at for free.
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